Meet Kristy

Kristy Iris lives passionately, fully and often leaves a mess behind, but has figured out some quick and easy ways to clean up.

She’s a theater kid, and grew up to get both a BFA and MFA in theatrical design to work in NYC theater.

But she always wanted to help people and starting with herself first, she created a way to bridge creating make believe worlds for make believe people into a system for helping real people have a home/setting that supports having a life that is a hit show.

This system is called Fiz-om. Are you ready to Fiz-om your home?

Want to Kick the Overwhelm of Decluttering?

It happens: Decluttering Overwhelm. Your overwhelm might be getting started, in the middle when it’s a whole new hot mess or trying to just finish up with all the random bits… and you are not alone.

Solution? Grab my free PDF of How to Kick the Overwhelm of Decluttering.

It’s packed full of sweet tips that will help you get back in the groove to a tidier, more organized home!

“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Kristy a few weeks ago. She is helping me create a new space in my home that will reflect what is important to me. Her knowledge of a space is amazing! Helping me to choose the perfect color and items to change the energy in my space. I am so looking forward to this process with her! Thank you so much for your guidance!”

Danielle Kehs 

Oh wow Kristy, I'm listening to you episode on Laura's podcast, it is sooooooo fantastic and fascinating!!!
What you've done, what you've worked in, your university years, it's phenomenal!!

I mean, I know there's a downside to all of this hustle, but I just want to acknowledge that a deep and rich person you are! ❤️ Deep gratitude to have gotten to know you!! 🙏🏻

Lisa Jara

Kristy and I have known each other for about a year, and in that time I’ve learned how much I love and admire her. However, I had NO idea how talented she is as a House Therapist. She sensed I needed a little juju after a few walks on the treadmill and, knowing I’m also a realtor, wanted to let me in on a little secret of hers. She can completely transform my life. It took 90 minutes. We welcomed her into our home and in essence she helped us get to our core being (my husband and I) by having our HOUSE support our true selves. After a brief breathing and centering, His office was transformed within minutes with a few minor changes. He will testify to the productive day that would ensue! Then for me, I “emptied my basket” while she held space and came up with an easy action plan and a few changes to the home to support me. Worked like a charm and everyday I thank you when I move through it with ease and grace- and inspiration!! Hopefully others will enjoy the same service, as it was truly life changing. I got a jump start on an outline for my screenplay and started morning pages at my new writing space. Can’t say enough good things. Feel free to call me for more testimonial on my experience!!

Kristine Haines