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You know how that expansive energy feels when you’ve had a breakthrough, an uplevel, a healing, an ah-ha that shifts your core, or you’ve moved beyond an upper limit and that energy needs to go somewhere?! 


You feel like you’ve been stuck like a stagnant pond, a thin layer of green algae on top and deep slime on the bottom but then, whether through a long process or a blinding moment of clarity, it all shifted and you can no longer possibly be a pond anymore. 

It’s like you’ve got tight jeans on after a really big satisfying meal or shoes that are too tight. 


But it’s not just on your body, it’s around you too. 


The energy of your home doesn’t fit you anymore. You feel expansive and want the energy to keep flowing. It needs to flow. It needs to be expressed. 


Your pond now must be a river. You must flow. Fresh, clear mountain spring water must flow, baby. 


Without any direction, the river will run over the banks and rather than having a direction, river banks to keep it flowing, it will dissipate and be absorbed back into the earth. 


With the river banks, the water can flow freely in a single, focused direction and be oh, so powerful. 


Want some direction for your energy to flow outward into your most intimate environment, your home? 


I got you- let’s Fizome your Home!


Channel that energy into your home so that it keeps flowing back to you and doesn’t dissipate and feel lost. 


When you Fizome it into your home, you infuse your home with that vibe, feeding it back to you, over and over and over for as long as you live with it. 


Most of your thoughts are subconscious and triggered by your environment. How cool is it that you can program your home to talk to your subconscious repeatedly with what you want to feel, think and be? 


The action taking is powerful in itself as well, making your energy seen and physicalized. It’s one thing to have a inner shift, but to align your home with it, that is where the transformation can really take root and not backslide. 


Seeing is believing! 


Here are my top 3 ways to express your new high vibe in your home- Fizome your Home!  


  1. Physical anchor

  What is a representation of this new vibe you’re feeling? 

Get quiet, close your eyes and sit with the expansive energy you’re feeling. 

Invite a symbol to come to you. Or might just KNOW. This can be: a symbol, a color, a thing- like a crystal or a bird or your favorite flower. 

Get a bunch of them or make copies and put them around your home where it needs some high vibe energy. This can be places that the energy is low like where you have a collection of doom boxes, decor that is not “you” or where something needs fixing. 

And you can put your anchor where it correspond to the break through you’ve had – around your business- in your home office, around your body or health- bath room or kitchen, how you perceive the world – go out in your yard if you have one or your front door.

Fizome is about common sense – what makes sense for you. There are no rules that everyone must follow – it is unique to you. 


Years ago I did a workshop that was really empowering and afterwards I had all that high vibe energy that I wanted to anchor in and have with me. I found a short glass vase that was a red iridescent fish. It sat next to my desk for years and when I needed that energy, I would take it in. And then it broke. But the energy of it lives on and I can remember the vibe that it gave me, now 15 years later.


This falls into “ hold it in your heart and not your hand” department. 


  1. Release and make room

Let’s make room for the new energy! 

If everything is energy, there needs to be room made for your new energy that is flowing from you. Let’s make some space


When you have that break through, you are stepping out of a past you that wasn’t working out the way you need or want it to. With this new you, there are no doubt things around you in your home that are now symbols of your past and not your present and future self. 


You can dive in and gather up whatever clutter is calling that you are ready to let it go. Be swift, take it out right away, drive it to the donation center without haste. Do not hold onto it, dreaming of finding the right home for it to go to. List things to sell right now. Or use a buy nothing group that people will come get it from you (I’m in one on FB) 


You are shedding a part of you, like a snake that has outgrown it’s skin. Going with that, do you have clothes that don’t match the vibe you’re feeling ? They might not fit, might not flatter, or you just don’t wear them. Bag them up. 


Pile of doom bags or boxes that you don’t even know what’s in them? You don’t need them! You can look through them quickly to make sure there is nothing with info that can lead to identity theft… and maybe, just maybe something really sentimental or that charger cord you keep thinking you should just replace… but set a timer. Five minutes! Then release it. 


How about the kitchen? Release food that is not a vibrational match anymore or is even expired. Chipped dishes or containers that have no lids or lids with no containers to cover. 


And the bathroom- how about old cosmetics, almost empty shampoo bottles or expired supplements getting trashed and making room for your glorious new vibe to fill up?! 


Ahhh. Shift into the energy of release and making room rather than the sadness of letting it go. You’re making room! 


  1. Finish a project 

If you are like me, you probably have a ton of great ideas and are super good at starting them but then… finishing them is not so easy. Proof is the graveyard of half done craft projects, DIY projects, organizing containers that have not gotten to be used for the actual organizing and have, in fact, turned into the clutter they were meant to contain and tame. 


So take that mojo you’ve got and find one little project that you can finish. It might be half done, it might be something that you’ve been meaning to get to like hand a picture, organize the spices, vacuum under the sofa or paint that lamp green. (you would never paint a lamp green? That’s ok- pick a color you would.) 


I’m willing to bet that this project to finish will take less than 15 minutes. But how long have you been thinking about it? 


Right – now when you see it done, you will have all this positive vibe tied to finishing. And it will keep feeding you over and over and over. 


  1. Express it Creatively. 


Yes, you conscious creative soul, express how you are feeling. Move, write poetry, quilt, paint, sing, dance, flower arrange, candle make or crochet. 


I will say no more than this as you know what to do. (psst – that’s your intuition speaking to you, often quietly and subtly) 


Do your wild, free thing! Put your energy into the river and let it flow. 


Be the river and flow. 


Make a list of what would be fun for you to Fizome in your home when that magical moment comes and a new level is buzzing from you, wanting a place to go and be expressed. 

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