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Financial Freedom Center= The Place that you manage your money with the intent of it leading to Financial Freedom. 

So often, one of the barriers to getting stuff done, like oh say, paying our bills, doing taxes, investing and general money management is not having a functional, emotionally encouraging and soul aligned space to do the activity that is hard for you.

Well, my friend, I know a few things about creating a place that:

  • is functional for the way you function, not some organizational guru
  • Supports your visions
  • Feeds your mind positive thoughts
  • Is aligned with your soul’s calling and desires.

You probably know WHAT to do, but might be totally overwhelmed with the actual doing it, getting that pace organized and set up. 

The aligning part, that part that is actually really fun, might feel too frivolous to consider when you need to get down to putting on your big girl panties and just doing it. 

Ah, but that  is the most important part! 

I’ll help you figure out a plan for creating the place that will make it easier for you to slide in, feel uplifted and aligned and get down to the business of your money.

When you have a space that is functional and inspiring, you might just  linger and get more comfortable with managing your finances.

  • You might get excited to commit to a system
  • You might feel more grounded to save more.
  • You might be more inspired to plan what you will do with future money.
  • You might get excited about learning more about investing.
  • You might feel brave to start investing. 
  • You might feel more empowered to create the life you dream of. 

And it all can start with where you put your butt, how you organize your paper flow and what you see around you. To start. 

Or for you, it might be totally different. 

This is about finding the system and place that works for you. 

You might find that you need to have a portable financial freedom center that you can take to the sofa, the back yard or a coffee shop. 

You might want to incorporate it into your home office or set aside a corner of the kitchen or a closet. 

You might need to have every paper you get or you might need to scan it and not have any papers around. 

You might like to use a paper system or you might like to use a spreadsheet or software like YNAB. Or all of them. 

This is about us finding what works for you now and allowing it to evolve as you evolve. You might also need some variety because you get bored and need to keep it fresh and dopamine happy. 

Wherever you are at, come along and we’ll get you set up. 

Let’s Fizome Your Home and Create Your Financial Freedom Center !

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