Home Glow

Release & Align Home Energy Clearing

This quick, yet powerful energy work will guide you in meditation through your home to release the energies that don’t support you and then we will fill your home with energy of positive possibilities. 

You can feel when your home feels heavy or dense energetically like when it’s physically dirty

and dusty and needs to be dusted or have a deep cleaning. Cleaning it doesn’t really take care of the energy, though.

If everything is energy, then that fight that happened in your living room, that energy might still be hanging out. The bad news you got while sitting on your bed that brought you to a new level of a dark night of the soul, that energy lingers. The people that lived there before you, and before them, what energy did they leave? And while your home was being built, do you think that the construction workers were meditating on the joy your home would bring all the people that live there  before they started laying your floor and pipes? Probably not, but how cool would that be?

All that energy is left behind… ghosts of energy past.

As we come into a new place of sensitivity of cultural appropriation, you might be looking for a way to replace saging your home. You also might be sensitive to smoke and want another way of clearing the energy without fumes.

Energy cleaning brings the feeling of lightness, of joy, of flow. It’s like the air just twinkles and sparkles. You can feel it. It’s those places that just feel RIGHT, aligned with all that is good.

It might not look like anything spectacularly Pinterest-Architectural Digest-cover ready, but it feels like it’s someplace that you just want to be.

And being there, you feel your best.

You feel aligned with your fullest expression of your highest self. 

It is a free flowing current that picks up your energy and gives you the motivation to make automatic aligned actions that glide you forward in your life and dreams.

You and your home will GLOW when you release the energy and align

it with the energy of your fullest expression of your highest self.

Yes, I want my home to Glow!