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Hey there... I'm Kristy Iris and here's what I can do for you...

I collaborate with conscious creatives to connect home and soul.

Our homes have a profound impact on our lives and I help you to see where it is supporting and where it’s sabotaging then make the changes for transformation - supporting the inner journey and the outer beauty and flow.

I call my system Fiz-om and will be (re)introducing it here.

Conscious Creatives Connecting

Home and Soul

I share a new way of living in our homes that is inspired by ancient systems combined with modern science, design, and energy healing.


For now my website is still in construction. But there are already a lot of goodies available for you!

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Coming soon is my Fiz-Home Academy with all my amazing Online Programs to help you get a hold of your home and make it THE place to be!

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While I work on my Academy, you can already work 1to1 with me! Click here to jump on a Free Connection 30 min Call with me and get going on your home (and life!) transformation!

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Home Glow Meditation

A quick, powerful energy meditation to clear the negative energy from your home and fill it with positive possibilities. 

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Some client love

Kristy has an amazing gift that so many individuals, families, and businesses need to take advantage of.  She brings many of her talents and strengths together to help clients generate a shift in their physical space as well as within their own being.  

What started out for me as some simple tools to start a summer project to purge the children's toy room one July afternoon turned into a deeper transformational session to discover what was blocking my business and career.  

In my business, I was taking actions building a movement for moms and every project I tried to launch was put on hold.  Kristy and I created a session to look at what was happening in my home and how the spaces of my home were speaking to me.  Kristy listened intently to all my concerns and added feedback when needed.  For example, one of the areas that I didn't realize was playing a huge part in my block was in my laundry room.  My laundry room is the first room I enter when I park my car in the garage.  And, the first thing I see when I entered was shoes and storage items on a tall wooden shelving unit.  I didn't realize the "ugh" within me every time I walked in until Kristy had me look.  I changed the room adding pictures and I removed some of the things that were being stored out in my view.  Now the entrance is a reflection of positivity, new beginnings, and flow.  

Another example of Kristy's gift is her ability to listen and create space for the unsaid to be said.  Kristy sat with me and asked questions about my business and the concerns I had.  Kristy held space and a deep sadness rose up within me that I didn't realize was hidden inside.  As I was able to realize the sadness, the pain, and the shame I was carrying, I was able to create a whole new world for how the movement I was creating and a career could show up.  Within days of this, I received a callback about a career opportunity that I was super interested in.  I'm currently in conversations with the company to create a position with them.  As well, eight other opportunities have shown up over the last 2 weeks since our session. 

Kristy also provided me with powerful tools using red to draw my eye to them.  We created affirmations together on red paper to assist me in my career transition.  As well, whenever I'm clearing out an area I use a reusable Target shopping bag to draw my eye to the place I will clean next.  It works and is super powerful.  

Last but not least, Kristy worked with my whole family.  Her intuition allows her to point out specific areas that each person was able to use immediately.  Our home was cleared energetically as well which provided a whole new space for us to live in!  

Whether you are looking for a personal or professional shift in your life, Kristy provides what you need to jump start that change and provides quick, effective and powerful shifts for you and your surroundings.  I highly recommend her for personal and business transformations.

Ann Goldstein -

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