Hello lovely!

I was just doing a little decluttering of my desktop screen- it’s where my screen shots go - and up popped a testimonial from a client that I helped with her wardrobe. The first thing that she mentioned was that it was the mindset shift that I helped her with to be able to let go of clothes that she was holding onto.

Do you remember the meme and fiz-tip about " it’s pants, not a puppy?" That was her inspiration. And collectively, soooo many more of us…

And it hit me, that at the core of the work that I do, a lot of it is mindset work. I help people transform their mindset with their home from enemy to ally and then to a sacred space. Yes, there are layers as our homes a very complex places for most of us, from the layers of the design reflecting your style and spirit, the functionality, clutter and organization, the energy - our own and residual from past experiences in the home.

How well your home supports all the parts of your life - from sleep, eating, abundance, relaxing, creating, loving, parenting- kids and pets, exercise, storage and managing it all can be easy or challenging. But with all those layers, if you are not loving your home, and having a blissful relationship with it, then, it’s all really sabotaging everything that you do.

It can start for most of us, in childhood. How we experienced "home" as a child has a profound effect on how we experience and create our homes as adults, usually, sub consciously. What I have found with clients of the last 25 years that I’ve been doing this work on connecting home and soul, is that it plays out in variations of two ends of the spectrum. It often goes like one of these two (and yes, there is a spectrum to it)

You repeat how you grew up, as it’s often the comfort of what you know, no matter how uncomfortable it really is. It’s bizarre how comfortable we can become with what is painful yet known and push away the comfortable unknown.


You go to the complete opposite. You grew up in a strict home that everything must be in it’s place and you did not have any or much opportunity to express yourself in your home anywhere, so as adult, you find that you let things pile up and rebel from the rules and really express yourself everywhere. Or you become militant in tidiness to outrun the experience of the chaos of clutter and perhaps., hoarding (or boarder hoarder).

AND I want to acknowledge how much our mental health plays into our homes, becoming a bit of a vicious cycle of the condition of our homes contributing to the state of our homes and the state of our homes contributing to our mental health. It’s the chicken and the egg thing- which comes first? Who the hell knows? What matters is that it’s addressed- and that might be having professional help with your home and your head.

I invite you to pause and perhaps whip out a journal and your favorite pen to dig in a little to how you experienced home as a child and how that is playing out now.
How is your home mindset? You can rewrite your story by changing your home. And it can simple fixes.

Reach out if I can support you - kristyirisstudio@gmail.com

So much love.
Bliss to you, Kristy
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