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Do you ever forget that you should mention something because it’s so close to you, that you think everyone knows it, but they don’t? Does that sound cryptic? What I"m trying to say, from a broad sense is that I realized that I don’t talk about how I work with clients and wardrobes. Not just decluttering, but finding a personal style- by what you are expressing and what styles, proportions and silhouettes are most flattering for you so that getting dressed is easy and fun and not a drain of demoralizing overwhelm.

Although my work has evolved to working with homes, it was not that way in the beginning. When I first started learning about energy, healing modalities and the connection of that to our physical spaces, I saw the possibility to bring that to clothing. Clothes that could be elevated to healing and manifesting tools! And while I was thinking about all the parts to delving into the world of fashion design, more and more people kept hearing about the profound results that my clients were having and kept hiring me for their homes, which I loved and was so satisfying to have the quick results that I let go of the clothes and dove into homes. At the time, I was also designing special events- everything from high end parties, a flying biscotti costume that got dunked in a 10 foot coffee cup to a parade float. Good times. Weird too. There was a lot of glitter, which was a far departure from the other weird off-off Broadway experimental theater that I had previous done in NYC.

This week, a client needed help with her closet. She had some of her own challenges with sorting and letting go of clothes that are not right for her right now and we came up with a plan for those. I love how every session I do with clients is so unique to each person and their needs in that moment.

For a starting point, she is gathering looks that she likes within the range of styles that she likes from practical to sexy, lacy looks. This is so easy now with the help of google and online catalogues. From that, there will be a list of what she needs for those looks and in the sorting, How many pants? And how many tops?

When sorting clothes, if the Konmarie way of emptying your closet doesn’t work for you, then you can gather one type of clothes- such as all the pants. Then in that context of just pants, you can choose what to keep and what to let move onto new legs that will love them and wear them. Donating is fun!

And here is another thing that we get caught up in: wanting to make sure that our stuff finds a new home that will love and cherish it as much as we do. OMG this stops so much flow! Our egos want to have the satisfaction of the end result being happy for our stuff.

It’s pants! Not a puppy!

Just trust that those pants that give you wedgie and never went with anything but a black t-shirt will find a new butt to cover and will stay out of their crack happily. You just have to trust and let go.

To be clear, I am very very guilty of this myself. And not just pants. Oh no, not at all.
I might be writing this just for me.


What might be uncomfortable for 5 minutes of release is then gone and you then don’t have to be uncomfortable holding onto something for… years.

If there there are clothes that you are hoping to fit into in the future, give yourself a date to reassess, like in a year after you have packed them into a box and put that date on the box. If they fit then, YAY and if not, YAY someone else is going to be so stoked to have them and you get new clothes that fit and feel great, celebrating who you are now.


You got this. And baby steps. Today it might be getting a bag for donations into your closet. And tomorrow it might be sorting the socks and letting the lost souls with no partners go. They can be promoted to dusters! Or my daughter will make them into doll clothes. There are so so many YouTube videos on making doll clothes from socks. Who knew?!

Little steps, until at some point, the energy flow might catch you and whoosh in no time you have sorted through and have the perfect clothes for an easy start to every day dressing.

And my, don’t you look fine!

Bliss to you, Kristy

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