Kristy Iris
November 15, 2022

Day 15 and 13,600 words. Not where I hoped to be, but I'm doing it and done is beautiful. Well, a rough draft is pretty fine. I'm showing up and not stopping until you are reading it in your hands. Deal?

I'm still writing about bedrooms - so much to day and today I got into the importance of not having clutter in your bedroom - as the most important place over all else. 

As hard as it can be, I'm encouraging you to take care of the clutter in your bedroom first as it can have the biggest impact on your sleep, health, relationship and self esteem - it's where you start your day and end it! 

I've got some inspiration for you and if you need more support with your home - I can help - I have a special on my one to one consults - you can book an hour session with me for an area of your home or life - like a chapter in my book! Check it out here:

And I do have a decluttering program that will help you if you've never been able to really get all those other experts in decluttering and tidying up- because they are naturally neat and do not understand how our brains work! I am not naturally neat and have struggles A LOT myself so I figured out the ways that I get distracted and made myself a system that I use and am sharing with you here: