Kristy Iris
November 16, 2022

Day 16 and 14,606 words - there might not be as many as I hoped for by now, but they are mighty. I am surprised what comes up as I'm writing- it's kind of like discovering a a character -but one that I have known for years through the hundreds/thousands of clients I've gotten to work with and their homes over 25 years. 

What came through today was about feeling safe and empowered in our bedrooms and where we sleep. We might not even know how comfortable we have become with being uncomfortable because of how we experienced home as children. 

Healing starts with awareness. Be gentle with you. But if your home is not how you would like it to be, it might be worth taking a pause to consider how you felt in your home as a child. Is that still playing out today? 

If you need more support with your home - I can help - I have a special on my one to one consults - you can book an hour session with me for an area of your home or life - like a chapter in my book! Check it out here: