Kristy Iris
November 18, 2022

Day 18 and... it was slow going... but progress is progress and I have words down that I can edit later. Can't edit a blank page, right? 

I'm still writing about the bedroom. And why yes, that is my jammie top. I'm keeping it real and comfy tonight. Happy Friday. Keeping it real. 

And with all of this - do what is right for you - so when I talk about books - check in with yourself - do they feel over invigorating or soothing to look at a big pile of book? 

Does the art in your bedroom celebrate your relationship- does it give your a message that is congruent with how you want to feel or is it undermining it?    

If you need more support with your home - I can help - I have a special on my one to one consults - you can book an hour session with me for an area of your home or life - like a chapter in my book! Check it out here: