Kristy Iris
November 2, 2022

Day 2 and I finished out with 3479 words. I would have loved to have stopped at 3333 but I had a little more to say. 

And say about how our brains and our homes work together- for good or... evil...

Much of what I have come to about our brains is from my own wacky brain and not knowing until 4 years ago that I have adhd and a tbi (traumatic brain injury)- so much alphabet soup of the brain. But I also see that as part of my superpower.  And most of the conscious creatives that I work with have some kind of fabulous brain that makes simple life a little more challenging but have magical talents that are priceless. 

In fact, I now realized that some of my process for connecting home and soul was also a hack for helping me with my home and life. Like my decluttering system- that is a total distracted brain hack because the "experts" in decluttering and organizing have no clue how my kind of brain works and hence, do not have a system that works for me but rather leaves me demoralized and sometime with more mess- like sleeping with all the clothes from my closet that I was instructed  to pull out onto my bed and sort in a day and get the keepers back in. 

Ummmm no.  

I have a little saying -

      "What you see, comes to be."

I have more to say in the video below. 

Let me know what you think!