Kristy Iris
November 26, 2022

Day 26 and I've been a week with out a post and video. But there has been writing and parenting and Thanksgiving. Which I hosted here at my home and we welcomed friends this year and it was so delightful. 

If you are keeping track, I'm up to 32,753 words. Yup. I might not make it to 50,000 by Wednesday, but, more magical things have happened to me many times over... so here we are and I've been putting all of my decluttering process down into words finally for anyone to get! I'm so excited!!! 

It's made for those of us that get easily distracted, are sentimental savers, and find that the experts who seem to know how to organize and declutter really well don't have something that works for us. 

Want to hear what one client's experience with me decluttering clothes was like? Read a blog about it- it's a beautifully written piece about her process with her clothes.

If you need more support with your home - I can help - I have a special on my one to one consults - you can book an hour session with me for an area of your home or life - like a chapter in my book! Check it out here: