Kristy Iris
November 3, 2022

Day 3 and word count is 5070 if you are following along. Whohoo. I am loving the writing so much. All the years, decades of doing this sacred work and it’s just pouring out of me. 

In the spirit of this supposed to be a “micro blog” hence, short and wanting to save the writing for the book, I will say it was such a delight to write about the layers that our home can support us o physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

I am a little giddy about sharing how to set up a fiz-point in each area of your home to help you shift the energy to what is needed in each room. This alone, is so powerful for helping you automatically and not put effort into it. 

I got to marvel at how much I am able to slide into my desk and down to business and stay focussed when I’m here, thanks to my fiz-point. 

Check out the video – I talk more about it! And hey, if it tickles you, subscribe to the channel. My gal is keeping tabs on my subscriber count… make her proud!