Kristy Iris
November 8, 2022

And that is a wrap! I finished out the month with 32,862 words. It might not be the goal of 50,000 but dang I am so happy about it. 

And here's a thing that might be even bigger - I am not burned out from it. And there was plenty going on this month - Thanksgiving which here meant that there was no school for a week and a tropical storm coming after Hurricane Ian in September that has left my roof with a hole in it and lingering mess in the yard of pine needles from the Australian Pines - two of which fell over- my PSA - please do not plant non-native trees in your yard. Check what is adapted to your area and go with that. It might require a compromise, but it will be worth it! 

Ahem and I'm back - so I have loved writing this book and I'm excited to keep going and doing these posts and videos. It helps me to talk about what I'm writing. It uses a different area of my brain than the writing department. 

Today is about the front door and the alchemy that comes when you cross over from the outside world into your sacred space.  

Want to hear what one client's experience with me decluttering clothes was like? Read a blog about it- it's a beautifully written piece about her process with her clothes.

Want the direct route to getting your home aligned - I can help- PM and we'll see how we might collaborate.