Kristy Iris
November 6, 2022

Day 5 and I got to 8433 words. Whew.

I never really know what part of the book I'll work on until I get there. Tonight I discovered how and where some of my passion for color was influenced. I was writing about learning about lighting design in graduate school and I was curious if my professor, John Gleeson was still alive. 

Alas, he passed in 2003 but the New York Times article about him said that he was a pioneer in using color in new ways in theater. And it washed over me how much I learned from him. 

Despite the way I live, connected in oneness and that there is usually a bigger reason for things working out when they don't make sense, it still amazes me that I ended a student of his for 2 years.

You see, he taught lighting majors, there was a lighting class for non-majors, which meant set designers, as costumes and lighting didn't really mix and yet at the time, I was solely a costume designer. But I talked my way into his class and after a year, he invited me continue with him to the Lighting 3 class, skipping level 2. 

It was my favorite class. I loved it and would stay to discuss ideas after class with him sometimes. 

Now, he was not well known for favoring women... there was a 20 year span that no women graduated as lighting designers... and yet, we had a connection. 

And I carry that in my heart and to you. And that background of lights, yes,  that was inspired by him. 

Thank you John.