Kristy Iris
November 8, 2022

Day 7 10,201 words. 

And I just love writing it. 

I was feeling a little sluggish today, getting into Monday so I wasn't surprised that writing about creativity in our homes was what I was directed to expound upon. I start with a connecting process to connect with the energies of everyone that will be drawn to this book and lead me to share what is needed to be shared. 

It has always worked and there have been times that I have wondered why something came up to share and late that was just what someone was looking for. 

So today, creativity wanted to come through, and it's such a joy to write about. I am surprised how much more of my own story is coming through, but then again... I guess it's not at all. 

Although I'm not writing a novel, I'm writing about the stories our homes tell us and how we can start a conscious conversation to be empowered. 

How cool is that? 

Check out the video for more: