Kristy Iris
November 10, 2022

Days 9-10 12020 words. 

Day 9 -oof. It was a lot - I could feel the storm coming, we were still in the energy of the full moon eclipse, we had an election and I live in Florida (so it was better in other parts of the country, here- not as much hope) and personally, I have had some more parenting energy, time and resources needed - beside school being cancelled on the 10th, and things that wouldn't put me over the edge - like ants in the kitchen, new batteries not working, a broken garage door, and general perimenopausal shenanigans within my body. 

It's been a lot. And the goal is to write 1667 words a day to space it out over 30 days to get to 50,000 words. 

Alas. That is not how I'm wired. I can be consistent in a weekly or monthly way, but not day to day and I really can't expect myself to write consistently. I don't function that way. Do any of us? 

I took this video during Tropical Storm Nicole outside to check on the hole in the roof- covered by a tarp like a lot of roves here.