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About Vision Board Retreat with Isaya and Kristy

Vision Board Retreat with Kristy Iris and Isaya Gabriel

1X 3+ hour video session

Let's spend time together creating magic intentional boards and using them in imaginative ways!

First, Isaya leads a session about Intuitive Vision Board Creation
We start with a meditation so we open up for change and the new coming... We let go of the old and welcome the new… Then we get our fingers dirty and create a physical Vision Board for our 2023 amazing year! (We work with limited art supplies, you get sent a list when you book, this is NOT a digital vision board workshop)
You can choose a specific area of your life to work with or stay general and cover everything!

After the break, Kristy leads a session on how to use the Vision Board in your Home or work environment … We will stay in inspiration, intuition, and imagination ! It’s about creative ways to keep the vision alive and in front of our eyes so the manifestation occurs! It’s about having the board work for you… and staying in the vibration of your Vision, your intentions, goals and desires!

The retreat is not a tutorial, neither is it a lecture… It’s a hands on workshop AND explanations webinar!

Investment is $88

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Video lesson

3+ hours Retreat Video

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