Better Sleep - Better Bedroom

Who knew?!

It might not be you, it might be your bedroom that is preventing you from getting the restful sleep that you need!

Change your bedroom, change your sleep!

After more than 20 years of working with thousands of bedrooms, I have found that there are a number of aspects to our bedrooms that can have a profound impact on our quality of sleep. 

We are all so different, so what works for me will probably not work for you. You will need to experiment to find your own sleep support matrix.

And we can do that together. 

For me, when my bedroom is out of alignment, here are some ways my sleep and well-being suffers:

  • I have nightmares and very weird, disturbing dreams that stay with me
  • My sleep is not as restful and I wake up grumpy, tired and “on the wrong side of the bed”
  • I get more migraines
  • I can’t get back to sleep when I wake up to go to the bathroom (sigh, my bladder doesn’t sleep through the night anymore…)
  • I have a hard time falling asleep and do so cranky and stressed
  • With crappy sleep, I am foggy and not as functional, as well as craving carbs and sugar. I gain weight too.
  • I have a hard time being present for myself and as a parent. am definitely NOT the mom I want to be.
  • Clutter piles up and it’s overwhelming to clean up - which then I feel bad about and my self esteem falls.

And when my bedroom is aligned with what I have found to be my own personal sleep support matrix… It’s all BETTER:

  • My sleep is restful and renewing most of the time.
  • I feel more alive and connected when I’m awake.
  • When I get up to go to the bathroom, I fall right back asleep. I wake up easily and am happy to start my day and end my day serenely.
  • Falling asleep is quicker and easier, with happier thoughts
    It’s quick and easy to clean up and it doesn’t get overwhelmed with clutter
  • I know what I need no matter where I live and can assess how I will sleep at any home I look at
  • I am more able to be the mom, the artist, the daughter, friend, partner that I want to be.
  • My migraines are much less frequent
  • My physical health and mental health are significantly better and I’ve got the ability to think more clearly
  • Cleaning up my bedroom is quick and easy because I’m not overwhelmed with clutter. Stuff has a home!
  • I love my room, it’s me- I feel like I’ve come home to myself- if I’ve forgotten who I am, my room reminds me, reconnecting to myself.

Who knows - your sleep challenges might not be health related, or at least some part of it could be your bedroom.

And it’s a new year and if you feel too tired to think of what you are looking towards in 2023,

then this might be a good sign that your room needs help helping you sleep better.

Here are some of the aspects that we will be exploring

that can contribute to your sleep support matrix: 

 ~Clutter: tips and tricks for us neuro-divergent sentimental savers that other systems are not designed for
 ~What direction your head needs to be in
 ~How your body will tell you where you feel most safe and empowered
 ~Sensory experience
 ~Challenging layouts
 ~Types and sizes of beds
 ~Sharing the room with others
 ~Tips for kids

Better Sleep, Better Bedroom

With this information, we’ll get a plan for you to experiment and find your own personal sleep support matrix that will work for you no matter where you live! Imagine how much easier it will be to move when you know exactly what you need to have a good night’s sleep BEFORE you move! Because it really sucks to invest in moving to a new place and then find that you don’t sleep well there. Ugh!

About Kristy

Kristy Iris lives passionately, fully and often leaves a mess behind, but has figured out some quick and easy ways to clean up.

She’s a theater kid, and grew up to get both a BFA and MFA in theatrical design to work in NYC theater.

But she always wanted to help people and starting with herself first, she created a way to bridge creating make believe worlds for make believe people into a system  called Fiz-om, for helping real people have a home/setting that supports having a life that is a hit show.

Danielle Kehs 

Magic guidance

“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Kristy a few weeks ago. She is helping me create a new space in my home that will reflect what is important to me. Her knowledge of a space is amazing! Helping me to choose the perfect color and items to change the energy in my space. I am so looking forward to this process with her! Thank you so much for your guidance!”

Here's What's included

Live Zoom Class - Thursday February 23 @10-11:30 am EST

90 minute recorded class on zoom - 60 minute class and 30 minutes for live video Q & A ! 

Get your questions for your room answered right there!

2 Meditations

- Guided meditation for finding best location for your bed

- Guided meditation for setting your intention for your bedroom, sleep and what’s possible

PDF Journal

PDF cheat sheet Journal page to help you find the elements of your own personal sleep support matrix

Do you need more 1:1 attention?

Do you want some extra support from me privately one to one? Check out my VIP upgrade to the workshop AND a one to one video session.

As I know that there are people that want to do it themselves and those that want personal solutions laser focused on getting results. So cool! For you, I have a VIP option to have a one to one session with me to have me all to yourself to fast track your sleep and identify blocks on a video session. And I add, it’s a super discount from my normal consulting fee for a session ($444) as I introduce this new session for designing and aligning your zoom video studio.

Some final notes...

Good sleep is one of the most precious and yet often precarious components to our health and well being. There might be one simple adjustment that will make all the difference for you!

Note on budgets: I always look for find solutions for every budget. Having started my professional design career in NYC designing costumes for experimental off off Broadway theater with not much budget, and huge creative freedom, I still know how to get to get a lot of bang for the buck!

And- I am not a medical professional professional, this class is only for informational and educational purposes and takes no responsibility for your results. Please Consult Your Physician or Health Care Provider as this class does not replace physical and mental medical care.

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On the fence? Read some client love!

Oh wow Kristy, I'm listening to you episode on Laura's podcast, it is sooooooo fantastic and fascinating!!!
What you've done, what you've worked in, your university years, it's phenomenal!!

I mean, I know there's a downside to all of this hustle, but I just want to acknowledge that a deep and rich person you are!  Deep gratitude to have gotten to know you!! 

Lisa Jara

She can completely transform my life. It took 90 minutes. We welcomed her into our home and in essence she helped us get to our core being (my husband and I) by having our HOUSE support our true selves. Worked like a charm and everyday I thank you when I move through it with ease and grace- and inspiration!! Hopefully others will enjoy the same service, as it was truly life changing. Can’t say enough good things. 

Kristine Haines