Better Sleep, Better Bedroom

Good sleep is one of the most precious and yet often precarious components to our health and well being.

Who knew?! It might not be you, it might be your bedroom that is preventing you from getting the restful sleep that you need! 

After more than 20 years of working with thousands of bedrooms, I have found that there are a number of aspects to our bedrooms that can have a profound impact on our quality of sleep.

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Move through the Room Decluttering

This system of decluttering is created by a spiritual, scattered, ADHD, right brained artist who really struggled with how to tame clutter and just clean up without being distracted by EVERYTHING. I reverse engineered all the ways I got off course and created solutions to keep me focussed and flowing.

Most decluttering systems are made by people who are naturally neat and love to organize, and don't understand that not all brains work they way they do so they don't work for us.

Are you ready to move through your home and life with ease and flow?

ALSO! Want some deeper support and faster solutions custom tailored for you and your home? Cool! Take advantage of my VIP option to add a 90 minute one to one video session with a 30 minute follow up along with the Move through the Room Decluttering program.

Vision Board Retreat with Isaya and Kristy

1X 3+ hour video session
Let's spend time together creating magic intentional boards and using them in imaginative ways!
First, Isaya leads a session about Intuitive Vision Board Creation.
After the break, Kristy leads a session on how to use the Vision Board in your Home or work environment …
The retreat is a hands on workshop AND explanations webinar!

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Inspired organizing

Inspired Organizing helps end the hurricane of overwhelm when we creatives are faced with beginning the task of organizing a space. It is a counter-intuitive way to starting that raises our energy and gets us focussed on the space being organized AND a source of inspiration for our bliss and dreams.

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Create A Magical Zoom Studio

Lights, Camera, Zoom! Whether you are recording content, holding meetings or taking classes, what you see both on the screen behind you and in front of you has the power to uplift and focus you or sabotage you.

Join this create at home workshop to get clear on what you need and the message that you want to share. This is a take action workshop, so be prepared to move your stuff to have results and not just take notes.

The workshop has plenty of live support:

- 2 live workshops - recorded just for participants.

- 3 Co-working Empowered Hours with a total of 8 hours of time to do the work with support.

- Pop-up Facebook group for connecting and support. And who doesn’t love to share a good before and after picture in a safe place?