So how’s it going? Has this week been… challenging? If so, you are not alone my friend. Not at all. It seems like there is so much upheaval going on- moves, death, covid, awakenings, new jobs, old friends separating and, well you can add your own in there too. Quite the bang up of a start to a new year.
I’m really resonating with the saying "when one door closes, another one opens, but it’s hell in the hallway."
It’s that time that we get in between those two doors, that we know that the next one is going to open but dang, it’s dark and we’re in a lot of trust. But it will. Before you know it, that door will swing open.
So…. I’ve discovered a new level of a block that has come back around in my life around the balance for me with motherhood and career/work/business. It’s big and and deep and I found it exploring neurographica.
Neurographica is a kind of therapeutic art process which any kind of art therapy has been very powerful for me. Instead of waiting for me to make a fabulous video about it, here’s my favorite and at about 4:30 minutes in, you’ll get the best explanation that I have found in my rabbit hole travels.

Click to play

Turns out, to no surprise, there are a ton of videos on YouTube, but if it’s calling to you, just jump in and try it!

I started with thinking about this challenge that I’m having and as my pen and then paintbrush went over the paper, I thought about it, asking myself the questions of where is the tension and where did it come from? And then a string of ah-ha’s came forth… And now, I take to my home to see where that block might be playing out in my home. Here's what it looked like:

One place - I can now see that there is an imbalance of art in my home. I have hung far more of my daughters art in our home than mine. I have thought recently that perhaps I would sell some of the are that is in piles but it was really a call to put it up.

This is where the cure, the support for my home to help me work through this "stuff". There might be other things that I do as I process more of this story that I am rewriting, like the new story that I am now creating turns into a symbol to bypass words or a vision board, photographed and shrunken into a small sticker to place in many key places that will help me shift my thinking to create new neural pathways which will empower my values and actions.

In this place between doors - the place I was knocking up against these old beliefs and being integrated with the new ones I’m rewriting, I’m in the dark hallway. Gads, it’s awkward in here. But I will keep walking, and that next door will be illuminating the hallway and drawing me in before I know it. And it will for you too. I’ll see you there.

Bliss to you, Kristy

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