Kristy Iris
November 1, 2022

" Today is the first day of the rest of your life" 

Sitting on the toilet, in my grandmother's  pink tiled bathroom as a little girl, hung a cross stitched quote, "Today is the first day of the rest of my life." 

I loved it. I still do, although I haven't seen it in more than 25 years. And today it popped up in my heart, my mind as I launched into something that I have been wanting to do for... a couple of decades and that is write a book about my process of connecting home and soul. 

I decided that it was time and NaNoWriMo month being November, it seemed like the perfect time. NaNo stands for National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write a rough draft of a 50,000 word book. That comes to 1667 words a day. 

I did a video! here

Now, I'm a bit rogue here, writing non-fiction for a novel writing month but I'm giving myself a pass. I did complete it (won!) in 2010 with an actual novel that was super rough and I never did anything with it. But I did it and that was good. And then in the spring - I think April one year, I did Camp Nano and wrote and illustrated a graphic novel. Again, very rough, but not so much so that I could share it with a few people. 

And so, with a schmear of confidence that I can do it, I'm doing it for this book. And I'm committing to sharing the journey of what I'm writing about daily both writing and some videos. 

I'm not one to enjoy creating totally alone -hence my doing theater design - a visual artist who loves to collaborate. 

So, won't you come along with me, I'm going to share what I'm writing about each day and would love to hear what you think! In human design, I'm a manifesting generator so I need to respond to something - and that is where you come in, friend! Let me know what you think. 

I will be looking to give away some one to one consults to commenters as we go along! Play to win! 

Stats for today: 1944 words written on a wandering introduction and some short stories about how even though I have found similarities of what seems to work for most people in different areas of the home after working with thousands of clients over the years, there are ALWAYS exceptions. 

We are all so unique in what we need to live holistically in our homes and how we experienced home as children that we bring to our mix that there is no way anyone can be alike. 

I myself even find that I break my own rules, if they actually were rules... which I really find make me a little giddy. Can you see why I have no problem jumping into NaNo when I'm not writing a novel? 

And I break the "rules" (or maybe guidelines?commonalities?) with clients too- even today right before I started writing. I love that I get to give permission to break our own imposed rules such as: you don't have to declutter everything before you start working on your own passion project and expressing yourself. 

And you don't even have to look through boxes that were passed onto you that you really didn't want. You can just toss them. Let them go. 

I can't tell you how many times I have packed those boxes into my trunk for clients and took them away.  I have no attachments. I can let it go. You can ask a friend to do this if I don't live close by. 

Alrighty, I'm off now, saving up my writing for tomorrow- please come back!