Kristy Iris
November 20, 2022

Day 19- No writing. Lots of parenting. 

Day 20 and I got to 17,819 words. Which is very short of the "goal" of 50,000 in ten days. 

So... well, I'm showing up. And who knows how this will all go, but there is no school un November 28. So, hey! Anything can happen. I mean words can happen. And no matter how long it takes, I will have this book in your hands in 2023. 

Writing brought back the memory of clients - couples that wanted to enrich their relationship and had a session- or more with me as a date night. It was so cool to see them digging into what their dreams and goals were and then making changes in their home to support them. So romantic - to me at least! 

In the video of the day, I also touch on working on decluttering with clients- in fact one wrote a blog about it- it's a beautifully written piece about her process with her clothes.

If you need more support with your home - I can help - I have a special on my one to one consults - you can book an hour session with me for an area of your home or life - like a chapter in my book! Check it out here: