Kristy Iris
November 5, 2022

Day 4 and up to 6059. I'm a little behind the daily average of 1667, but I'm honoring the ebb and flow and have the weekend to do a bit more, I hope... or not. 

Today was also a little more ...draining to write. I was writing about trauma and our homes. Oof. But it comes up, in as many ways as clients and students I get to work with. 

How we experience home as children, let alone actual traumas that happen in homes can be playing out in how we make a home as adults and it might be part of why you are not having the experience of the home that you would like to. But fear not, I have a very exciting collaboration coming together to bring deeper healing than I can offer alone. 

I needed a little reprieve from that and jumped into energy flow - clock wise and and counter clockwise and how we can use that as well as how grocery stores and other stores use it against us to buy more .Yup. 

Intriguing, right?