Kristy Iris
November 6, 2022

Day 6. (I write this on Day 7) 

Sunday. Home with my gal all day. We went out to vote. 

But I didn't think about the book, other than I was missing it and doing this check in. 

And even though I was not resting as in lounging with a book or netflix all day, but was active with household things and yard work (which I find very relaxing actually). 

But I would do some laundry and then chill, it was in and out of it. Pacing myself.

But I rested from this writing. I never even came into my studio and turned on my rainbow lights. 

That was the rest. And it was sacred and part of the work. 

And you have permission to rest as part of your work too. 

I did have a little bit to say about rest on the vlog: