Kristy Iris
November 13, 2022

Days 12 and 13 and I got a whopping 280 words done. 

And I’m ok with that. It’s progress. I showed up and eeked out words that one day will be apart of a whole and will hopefully help at least a few people. Just a few words can make a difference. And we never know. 

I had a client once chase a couple of blocks down the street on foot to tell me about how I made a difference. He was so excited he had just met a couple that came to a class of mine and were on the brink of divorce until they heard from me ways that their bedroom could be sabotaging their relationship. They went home and made changes that made the difference and opened them up to being better than ever together. 

I didn’t know who they were and never met them. But that client was excited enough to tell me. He did have a profound healing with his son that he had been estranged from after his  own experience consulting with me. I love this work! 

Here’s a short video for you….