Want to Kick the Overwhelm of Decluttering?

It happens: Decluttering Overwhelm.

Your overwhelm might be getting started, in the middle when it’s a whole new hot mess or trying to just finish up with all the random bits… and you are not alone.

Solution? Grab my free PDF of How to Kick the Overwhelm of Decluttering.

It’s packed full of sweet tips that will help you get back in the groove to a tidier, more organized home!


Some client love

Kristy has the eye of an artist and the awareness of a spiritual master, though it’s her power of discernment in revealing the meaning and messages your home holds that amazed me. I had no idea that the objects I touch and look at each day could oppose the goals I hold and am working toward.

My home is a deeply personal and complicated space, as is yours, and it is in good hands with Kristy.

When you share your goals for healing and aspirations, she knows exactly which questions to ask and where to look for energetic saboteurs. I recommend working with Kristy to eliminate the energy that may be affecting your manifesting. She knows what to bring in or throw out to create a space for you that is encouraging, inspiring, and supportive of you and your family.

Kris Wallace - Mindset Maven

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