Hello hello! I loved hearing about how last week’s fiz-tip inspired by my gal got some of you thinking. She asked what rooms you would want to keep and to let go if a tornado took them away… you can check it out here if you missed it. Here's the link: click here

It’s been a month since my daughter’s father moved out and I became a single mom. It’s an interesting shift, as I’ve been solo parenting her whole life while he traveled more than half the year before covid. I’ve felt like a single parent, but not quite, and now I’ve stepped fully into it rather than straddling the two places for 8 years. I don’t quite know what more to do with that than let it sit. I guess it’s just really new.

I have been recording my inner and outer process of reclaiming my home through videos for YouTube. GUULP. I posted my first one yesterday that I recorded right after he moved out a month ago. I uploaded it and closed the computer and didn’t tell anyone.
So here I am telling you  and here's the video : 

The first one is just me sitting on my couch talking. The videos to come are me in action, working on my home and talking about my inner process. But the couch, just sitting there and knowing that I could record and not be interrupted and feeling comfortable to just share, that is a monumental change. And that is how our home can help us shift. It’s not always the big things like the junk room getting cleared out, the car being able to be parked in the garage after all these years of it being full, but little moments that we are more comfortable to just relax into being more of ourselves in our own homes.

This past month felt like it was 10 days and I’m wondering where it all went. Well, I thought that I would just jump into the reclaiming and making over of my home immediately.

YEAH… well, there was a lot that got left and I had to pack up and then clean. The kind of cleaning that happens when you move behind and under stuff. Blah. And then for me, there was the energy clearing too.

I can be so quick to beat myself up for what I think that I should have gotten done or where I should be, but dang it, that expectation is usually not grounded in any reality that I really planned out what needed to happen with reasonable time frames. So when I can take a step back, I can look at what I actually did and wow, some shiz actually happened.

I’m getting to planning more and more and seeing the freedom that planning gives me rather than the prison cell I thought it was.

Next week, I’m taking some time for myself. My parents have a time share on Siesta Key - which is 10 minutes from my home but a world away. This is the first year that my gal with be in school so I will have the day time to myself for some much needed pause. The pause to just not be in my home daily with ALL the things yelling at me.
That means that I’m pausing the Wednesday May 11th Empowered Hours and will return on Wednesday May 18. Hope to see you there!

And, I will not push myself to write one of these newsletters too, only if the flow for it is there.

Ps -if you got to this end and wanted to reply would you do it through kristyirisstudio@gmail.com. I always love to hear from you. Hey, and social media is great too!

So much love.
Bliss to you, Kristy
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