I collaborate with conscious creatives to connect home and soul.

Our homes have a profound impact on our lives and I help you to see where it is supporting and where it’s sabotaging then make the changes for transformation - supporting the inner journey and the outer beauty and flow.

I call my system Fizome and will be (re)introducing it here.

Kristy has the eye of an artist and the awareness of a spiritual master, though it’s her power of discernment in revealing the meaning and messages your home holds that amazed me. I had no idea that the objects I touch and look at each day could oppose the goals I hold and am working toward.

My home is a deeply personal and complicated space, as is yours, and it is in good hands with Kristy.

When you share your goals for healing and aspirations, she knows exactly which questions to ask and where to look for energetic saboteurs.

I recommend working with Kristy to eliminate the energy that may be affecting your manifesting. She knows what to bring in or throw out to create a space for you that is encouraging, inspiring, and supportive of you and your family.

Kris Wallace Coach

Fizome your home

Infusing the mundane care and design with the magic of intent 

Welcome to Fizome.
You can Fizome your home,
fiz your biz and your kidz! Why, you can even be a fiz wiz! And who doesn’t want to be a fiz wiz?!

Fizome is what I call the work that I do with conscious creatives to connect home and soul. It’s about your home being elevated to a sacred space that feels good to you no matter what clutter has piled up or what needs to be fixed.

It’s about reclaiming our homes that have become an overwhelming burden of responsibility of patriarchal making as we have been carrying the weight of so many loads - the physical, mental, and emotional of our homes. And it has built fatigue in our bones and souls, resentments and rage. 

And that is no way to live in the one place that can be a support to us. 

When we Fizome our homes, they become a multilayered experience

~ A place of healing the traumas that have happened in the home and how we experienced home as a child

~A creative medium that our home becomes a way to express ourselves from fullest expression of our highest self and not aspiring for another lookalike trend display

~A tool for manifesting and transformation as we flow with ease through our homes, we are connected holistically with that what we are aligning to be and become.

~We release the past and the emotions associated with our stuff by decluttering and organizing in a way that works with our more creative, often distracted and scattered minds

~We connect our inner journey with our outer world harmoniously

HOME becomes the:


HOME= Haven Of My Enlightenment

Imagine what possibilities open up for you when your home is working for you energetically, physically, emotionally, and
re-minding you subconsciously of what you desire and not at random default.

 ~Imagine how much more energy you can have !
~Imagine the better choices you will make automatically
~Imagine how much more inner peace you could feel
~Imagine your home functioning better so that tasks like meal prep, laundry and organization are working for you and your unique
~Imagine how much more focus you can have when you are constantly reminded of what is most important in each area and room of your home
~Imagine what can happen!
Keep your heart and mind open because those possibilities that come to you might not be what you think that you want but are often even better, you just might not realize it at first.
You are unique.
~Your experience of home growing up is like no one else.
~No one else lives with the same people and pets as you do
~Your home is unique, even if the layout is the same as everyone in the building or development
~Your associations and history with your stuff is like no one else’s
~Your journey is as unique as the alignment of the stars you are born under.

You might then want unique solutions for your visions
and home to align.

A deep calling to help people was answered that I had been hearing.


I thought that feng shui was a pretty amazing idea when I studied it until I started trying to apply it to my own life and home, finding that it was not a perfect fit, so I started adapting it for myself. That is when friends wanted to know what I was doing to my home to make it feel so good, asking for me to make their homes feel good too. 

Why me? 

I’m a home intuitive.

It’s like a medical intuitive can read the human body and find where the root of stuck energy flow is causing dis-ease and pain, I do that with homes and buildings. Homes talk to me! Only when invited. I don’t want to know otherwise, seriously!

I'm a home healer and a believer in magic

I’m attuned to a couple of master level healing modalities so I direct that into healing spaces that heal the people that reside in them and I’ve always experienced the world as someplace magical.

I’ve also got another kind of masters

... A Masters Of Fine Arts degree in Theatrical design- that’s costumes, sets and lighting for stage and screen from a fancy program (I also have a BFA in the same). I started my career in NYC theater and still do some design work that fits into my life and fulfills my heart.

In short, I create make believe worlds for make believe people. And I have 2 degrees and drama. It’s a funny thing, being a designer- you’re a visual artist in the performing arts. I was drawn to it because I love the collaborative nature of the art, going from written words on the page to a fully realized story and world being told to an audience. It’s also a great profession for someone with adhd- there are so many very different stages to the process, that I don’t get bored with any one as the next one comes up fast is unique form the last.

This has also given me a well honed visual eye, although I am definitely not an interior designer. I do not express my creative style in your home, but rather look to find your style and help you express it as the star of your own show and setting to live it out. All the world’s a stage.

I have adhd

Which has had a big influence on creating Fizome as well. I knew that my brain worked differently than the mainstream and delved into finding ways that I could use my home to help me leading me into accelerated learning techniques, what marketing and advertising know about the brain to manipulate us into buying especially how stores are designed.

I am naturally messy and a maximalist

I love a lot of inspiration around me and supplies to create with. I had an excruciating time decluttering and cleaning up and found all the ways that I got off track and distracted, then found hacks to help me. 

I found that there were many people that wanted to be clients of mine, but were too ashamed of the clutter in their homes. When I client told me she had been decluttering for three years so she could have me over, I knew that I needed to share my system of decluttering because it seemed like most of the experts in organizing and decluttering were naturally neat and didn’t have a brain wired like mine so they could understand how to help people like me.

What My lovely People Say

Lisa Jara

Soul-based Life Coach

Oh wow Kristy, I'm listening to you episode on Laura's podcast, it is sooooooo fantastic and fascinating!!!

What you've done, what you've worked in, your university years, it's phenomenal!!

I mean, I know there's a downside to all of this hustle, but I just want to acknowledge that a deep and rich person you are! ❤️ Deep gratitude to have gotten to know you!!

Danielle Kehs

it Consultant

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Kristy a few weeks ago. She is helping me create a new space in my home that will reflect what is important to me. Her knowledge of a space is amazing! Helping me to choose the perfect color and items to change the energy in my space. I am so looking forward to this process with her! Thank you so much for your guidance!

Kristine Casart


Working with Kristy is just divine. She has a unique way of seeing you and your home in a brand new light. Really hearing your vision and getting to know you in the process and by just teaching you how to see your home in a new way giving it the life you’ve been craving. Highly recommend her. ❤️❤️❤️

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