Create A Magical Zoom Studio

When you turn on the camera and look at your screen, do you LOVE what you see? Do others get to know who you are from what they see behind you? Do they love what they see? People tell me everyday they love my background- do you hear the same thing?

Want to? Join me!

Presenting the real YOU on Camera

With a background and a home office/studio that supports you, it will be exponentially easier to show up and shine! When you know that you are presenting the YOU that you really are, the work becomes easier, people are more attracted to you and feeling like they know the real you, want to connect more.

Background at the foreground!

When your background is not aligned, it is harder to show up on video, share fully and be consistent. Viewers are distracted by what they are seeing and cannot fully connect with you and what you are sharing.

Home Office and Studio on point!

We also spend some time on what YOU see, how YOU feel supported by the room you record your videos in. We'll discuss lighting, tidying and organizing the space to work for you and support you energetically.

How will this work?

We’re going to get clear on what you need and what story you want to tell visually and do it!

Hands on!

This is not a sit and take notes class- this is an action class with results kind of workshop.


There are 2 live workshop sessions (recorded of course) and a pop up Facebook group.

More help

I’ve scheduled  Empowered Hours co-working sessions around it for further support!

Create A Magical Zoom Studio

People are always telling me that they love my background on camera- I am my own client! In this program we will focus on:

Showing up as the real you

What you have handy

Your brand and story

About me

Kristy Iris lives passionately, fully and often leaves a mess behind, but has figured out some quick and easy ways to clean up.

She’s a theater kid, and grew up to get both a BFA and MFA in theatrical design to work in NYC theater.

But she always wanted to help people and starting with herself first, she created a way to bridge creating make believe worlds for make believe people into a system  called Fiz-om, for helping real people have a home/setting that supports having a life that is a hit show.

Danielle Kehs 

Magic guidance

“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Kristy a few weeks ago. She is helping me create a new space in my home that will reflect what is important to me. Her knowledge of a space is amazing! Helping me to choose the perfect color and items to change the energy in my space. I am so looking forward to this process with her! Thank you so much for your guidance!”

Here's What You'll Get

2 live Sessions

2 live workshops sessions – recorded just for participants.

Thursday Oct 6th @ 12-2pm EST and Thursday October 13th @9-11am EST

Facebook Group

Pop-up Facebook group for connecting and support. And who doesn’t love to share a good before and after picture in a safe place?

Co-Working Sessions

Co-working Empowered Hours to do the work with support.

Want more?

Do you want some extra support from me privately one to one? Check out my VIP upgrade to the workshop AND a one to one video session with me to help you get your video zoom studio fully aligned for you and what you specifically need and get rid of any sabotages you might have that are not supporting you. I will be able to read the energy of your space and give you specific solutions that work for your resources.

Create a Magical Zoom Studio'

Need more explanations and convincing?

A picture is worth a thousand words and you in front of your background on camera is a picture that tells your viewers who you are without you having to say a word. Is that the story you want to tell?

Wow – life has changed! 

Who would have thought a couple of years ago that we would spend so much time on video!? And many of us are working from home most of the time too, so where we sit, and what we look at both in front of us and behind us, is super influential to our success in work and our wellbeing.

If you feel unfocussed, or not as productive as you know you can be when you sit down to work or go on video, there is probably an element to your space that could be sabotaging you. Your space could be giving you messages that don’t support you shining your brightest light. But there are easy fixes for that !

We’re going to work through this together, connecting with your viewers and your own visions to align what is around you to tell that story visually. Have I mentioned that I have a fancy Masters Degree in Fine Arts in Theatrical design for stage and screen – sets, lighting and costumes and have had a professional career in NYC theater? I do! So I can assure you, you are in good hands.

And I’m also am an energy healer which I am called to use on spaces, healing the place that heal people- so I get that energy aspect of it too.


 I’ll show you some tricks to use what you have to look lovely and well lit. I like to think of lighting as painting with emotion, so we’ll explore the emotions that you would like inspire and how to get those effects.

And that MAGIC- we’re going to make sure that your space is supporting you energetically as well. It’s a wholistic space and we are all connected.

Lights, Camera, Zoom!

Whether you are recording content, holding meetings or taking classes, what you see both on the screen behind you and in front of you has the power to uplift and focus you or sabotage you.

Do you need more 1:1 attention?

As I know that there are people that want to do it themselves and those that want personal solutions laser focused on getting results. So cool! For you, I have a VIP option to have a one to one session with me to have me all to yourself designing and aligning your zoom video studio with you on a video session. And I add, it’s a super discount from my normal consulting fee for a session ($444) as I introduce this new session for designing and aligning your zoom video studio.

Pricing Options



Simple, fast and effective!



The bespoke attention you  need!

On the fence? Read some client love!

Oh wow Kristy, I'm listening to you episode on Laura's podcast, it is sooooooo fantastic and fascinating!!!
What you've done, what you've worked in, your university years, it's phenomenal!!

I mean, I know there's a downside to all of this hustle, but I just want to acknowledge that a deep and rich person you are!  Deep gratitude to have gotten to know you!! 

Lisa Jara

She can completely transform my life. It took 90 minutes. We welcomed her into our home and in essence she helped us get to our core being (my husband and I) by having our HOUSE support our true selves. Worked like a charm and everyday I thank you when I move through it with ease and grace- and inspiration!! Hopefully others will enjoy the same service, as it was truly life changing. Can’t say enough good things. 

Kristine Haines